Radon in Water Testing

Testing for radon in the home is a very simple and straightforward process.

Radon detectors are posted in a kit to your home in a small envelope which will fit through your letterbox. The kit contains full instructions, 2 detectors sealed in a protective foil bag and a stamped / addressed envelope for the return of the detectors to us for analysis.

The detectors are firstly removed from the sealed foil bag which activates them to the air in your home. It is recommended that the detectors are placed in the two rooms which are used the most in the house i.e. one in the sitting room and one in the bedroom. The detectors should be placed between one and two meters off the ground on a shelf, cupboard or sideboard for example.

The detectors should be left in place for a period of three months as radon levels can change from day to day. The longer the test period, the more accurate the result.

After the test period has expired the detectors are returned to Alpharadon for analysis, and the results are returned to you.

Our radon detectors are very discrete and are in no way harmful. There is a special plastic film inside each detector. When radon particles hit the surface of the film they leave damage tracks which can be seen by our special analysis equipment and the radon concentration in your home can be established.

For workplace testing please download our guidance notes here, or contact us for guidance.

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